A Celebration of Dr Zelenko's Life

A Celebration of Dr Zelenko's Life (with Video)



This Sunday, June 30 will be the two year anniversary of Dr Zelenko’s passing. And even though he may not be with us here physically, we are certain he is with us in spirit—witnessing this historical time we all continue to be a part of.

In Dr Zelenko’s commemoration video, Dr Martin said it best when he stated,


Zev is a beautiful example to me of one of the veterans of this unbelievable beautiful war. And though we would say in one respect that his life has passed, what I will never say is that he fell. He just rose to the next, rose to the next, and in his transition, he rose to the next. His arms are still up, the battle is still raging, but I'll tell you what, we are on the winning side of this thing... Just know that we just have him on the other side of the veil right now.'


We most definitely share these spot-on sentiments.


Dr Zelenko Took A Brave Stand From Day One

Dr Zelenko pioneered the use of hycroxycholoroquine at the start of the plandemic, treating thousands of patients successfully in New York and across the country. However, his treatment was quickly shut down and demonized by the medical establishment.


During this time, Dr Zelenko was also smeared, attacked and censored for suggesting a treatment for Covid-19. Not coincidentally, a ban was quickly placed on hydroxy-chloroquine and Dr Zelenko was left with having to look for an alternative for his patients.


Through extensive research of peer reviewed journals, Dr Zelenko discovered an effective combination of all-natural supplements that would in turn, support his patients in getting well and staying out of the hospital. Eventually with time, this supplemental combination was eventually offered through his company, Zelenko Labs, and made available to millions of individuals all around the word.


This combination soon became known as ‘The Zelenko Protocol’ and continues to be available to the public today, with shipment available to virtually every country worldwide.


In fact, Z-Stack™ not only continues to bring peace of mind and highly effective immune support to millions around the world today, it remains our number one seller to this day.


Containing the original balanced formulation of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and quercetin, Z-Stack™ helps to provide protection against all strains of respiratory viruses, while strengthening the immune system and decreasing the risk of infection.


A Commemoration Video Celebrating Dr Zelenko

So without further delay, we are honored to share Dr Zelenko’s commemoration video in honor of his extraordinary life. With so many well-known faces speaking heartfelt words of appreciation, we were reminded of the enormous impact Dr Zelenko had on the world and our own individual lives.  


Through speaking out boldly and candidly during the most tumultuous of times, he brought peace of mind to those whose were sick, and for many of us, affirmed our intuitive knowing that something felt ‘off’ in the mainstream fear mongering we were all being fed.  


In doing so, he served as a guide and a bright light for us all.


So may we all take a trip down memory lane and reconnect with the phenomenal individuals who stood on the front lines with Dr Zelenko. Whether you have already viewed his commemoration video, or will be viewing it for the first time today, may it bring a smile to your day.


Featuring Mikki willis, Clay Clark, Dr Martin, Stew Petes, Alex Jones, His Glory, Charlie Kirk and General Michael Flynn.


And if you have a cup of coffee, tea or wine in hand, be sure to send a ‘hello’ and a ‘cheers’ to Dr Zelenko. A classic Jewish toast is ‘L-Chayim’ which means ‘TO LIFE’!


He will most certainly love this.


CLICK HERE to watch video (10 minutes)


But before you go, in further celebration of Dr Zelenko’s life, there is one keepsake treasure that captured his struggles and triumphs before his passing, which tells tales about the darkness we have all lived through—and the brightest of light that is being birthed from it.    


That treasure is Dr Zelenko’s 347 page hardcover book, How To Decapitate The Serpent. A timeless collection which makes the reader feel as if they are sitting around a table with Dr Zelenko hearing candid stories of these unforeseen times.


From a verified assassination ‘hit list’ in which Dr Zelenko was listed as one of 21 individuals, to rare behind the scenes photos in his work and travels, to copies of letters written to and from politicians, to sensitive experiences from his younger years which deeply impacted his life. There is no other book that so richly captures his own life and the life of these times.


Enjoy Dr Zelenko’s commemoration video—and keepsake book—in celebration of his magnificent life. May it inspire us to live unapologetically in our own truth with love, courage, kindness and integrity.

Look after yourself.

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