How To Decapitate The Serpent: A Book Review

How To Decapitate The Serpent: A Book Review

A soul who was not afraid to speak the truth, especially when he was in the midst of the battle of his life, Dr Zelenko peacefully affirmed the truth through bold medical statements in his many interviews around the world, followed-up with supportive action for his patients and the public—no matter what it cost him personally and professionally.


And cost him, it did.


He was aggressively censored, smeared, discredited and attacked by the medical community and media at large. No surprise, really. Historically and up until this present day, truthspeakers and light bringers always are when times are especially turbulent and dark. Times when the light, too, shines forth greater and brighter than ever before.


And there is no question that Dr Zelenko was one of those great lights and warriors for good. It is why he was—and still is—loved by so many around the world.


Across the USA and in virtually every country worldwide, Dr Zelenko has been shown tremendous support and loyalty as he has lead the way for so many. Not only did he take a stand from a medical perspective by offering an effective treatment for Covid-19 which came to be known as the ‘Zelenko Protocol’, he also touched the hearts of those who, too, felt ostrasized and alone in their own experiences throughout the past four years.


From Canada to Croatia, Japan to the United Kingdom, Australia to Germany, Israel to Singapore and all around the world, Zev’s words of truth, courage and conviction have travelled far.


And when it comes to Dr Zelenko’s decision to capture his inner and outer worlds of tribulations and triumphs in a book, perhaps novelist C.S. Lewis says it best when it comes to the tremendous value the written word has to help us get through trying times.


He states,


We read to know that we are not alone.’


Just one of the reasons why Dr Zelenko candidly bared his soul to the world in his tell-all real-life tale, How To Decapitate The Serpent.


A 347-page gem capturing both his scientific mind and gentle, yet bold spirit, there is no greater keepsake to encapsulate and preserve the rich memories of these tumultuous and adventurous years. A collection—a journey—which is shared in a way that makes us all feel connected, validated and affirmed in our own.


And there is great comfort in that.


With a special introductory foreword by Dr David E. Martin, he quotes,


You are are about to embark on a journey that will illuminate one man’s story of his own wandering through the wilderness of self-esteem, professional celebrity and vilification, faith, compassion, and inspiration.’


He further states,


In a small way, this book is a metaphor for each of us to continue to hold up the arms of a great man—Dr Zev Zelenko—and keep his arms lifted in the battle against the terrorist disguised in lab coats, infiltrating government agencies, non-profit organizations, and atrociuosly corrupt for-profit corporations.’



With candid honesty, sensitivity and vulnerabiity infused throughout every chapter, Dr Zelenko takes us on the extraordinary journey through both the darkness and light of these times.


From a verified assasination ‘hit list’ printed in its entirety naming over 21 individuals, including Dr Zelenko and many well-known celebrities, to rare behind the scenes photos in his work and travels, to authentic copies of letters written to and from politicians, this one-of-a-kind book unveils an unforgettable journey,


To understand my journey through the pandemic, the one through which I am about to take you, you need to undertsand that I did not go on this journey alone, nor in a real sense did I go on it at all. It was, and is, God's journey, and I trusted Him enough to allow myself to be led so that I might discover Him in the present moment regardless of what it meant to my future moments.’

- Page 103


He further states,


‘When I was thrust into the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, I came under great personal and professional attack. My enemies—the enemies of humanity who have resisted letting people be treated and who have forced a “kill shot” disguised as “vaccine”—sought to vilify and intimate me so that I might self-silence.


They made a serious miscalculation.


I was steeled and prepared to be put on a direct collision with the Primordial Serpent and his tentacles that had slithered in, masked as our leaders in government and medicine.


Over time, my rhetoric has become stronger, and I have become even more outspoken. I call a murderer a murderer. I speak of genocide. I call out the influence of Satan among our global leaders. I taunt them. There is no truth I’m unwilling to tell.’

– Page 76 (condensed)


Don’t miss out on this keepsake collection! A testimony to the experiences we have all lived through and a sentimental means to keep Dr Zelenko alive in our hearts and minds now and in the days to come. A conversation starter for any coffee table or book shelf.


And in a few final words from Dr Martin’s foreword,


We’ve got a battle on our hands.

No pausing!

There’s a Serpent to decapitate.’


Most definitely.



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