Restless Sleep, Caffeine and This Rare Herb

Restless Sleep, Caffeine and This Rare Herb


Studies show that a staggering 85% of the US population consumes at least one caffeinated beverage per day.


Not really suprising though, is it?


From coffee, to green tea, to soda and energy drinks, this common daily habit is for many of us, our favorite time of day, bringing not only increased alertness, but a sense of comfort.


Yet, with so many of us being highly sensitive to stimulants which affect the central nervous system, we often struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep, making us feel like a steam roller ran over us when we get up in the morning.


Even still, we do not want to give up our beloved beverage.


The solution if we are having sleep disturbances due to caffeine? A rare little herb called rutaecarpine.


What Is Rutaecarpine?

A herb used for over 2000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, rutaecarpine is a crystaline alkaloid found in the fruit of an Asiatic tree known for its bright red berries and rich green leaves. These berries are also referred to as Evodia fruit and may be processed into an extract for use as in all-natural supplements. With a long list of health benefits due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties (more on that below), rutaecarpine also offers the unique ability to metabolize and breakdown caffeine—a process which may be slowed down in individuals with certain health conditions. It is no wonder rutaecarpine is a key ingredient for those who struggle with sleep.


How Does Rutaecarpine Help Breakdown Caffeine?

Caffeine is processed primarily in the liver via an enzyme CYP1A2 and through a cellular pathway known as the microsomal oxidizing system. When caffeine is broken down within this system, it is converted into uric acid, where it is then expelled through the urinary pathways. This all takes time, with studies demonstrating that rutaecarpine helps to support this process, leading to the overall reduction of caffeine in the system in a timely manner.


This is good news for those individuals who have increased time lapses for how long it takes their body to metabolize caffeine, as well as those who consume caffeine well into the evening—especially if there is an increased sensitivity to caffeine.


So What Exactly Is Caffeine?

We all know caffeine from the lift it gives us when consuming it in our favorite beverage such as coffee. But further to this, caffeine is a simulant which increases activity in the brain and central nervous system. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, it is “the most widely taken psychosomatic stimulant” in the world. Composed of eight carbon, ten hydrogen, four nitrogen, and two oxygen atoms, it is found not only in caffeinated beverages, but chocolate, cocoa beans and yerba mate.


The half-life of caffeine is reported to be approximately 5 hours in the average adult—the time in takes to process and remove caffeine from the system—with multiple factors which may decrease or increase this processing and expelling time. For example, individuals with liver disease have been noted to have a significant reduction in the metabolism of caffeine due to a reduction of enzymatic activity, with insomnia often being a common symptom with or without caffeine.


The Benefits and Disadvantages of Consuming Caffeine

For many caffeine lovers, the emotional and psychological benefits are among the top reasons for consuming beverages such as coffee. It wakes us up in the morning if we had a restless night, it brings us comfort with its soothing aroma and warmth, and it just makes us feel a little happier. Coffee, being the second most consumed beverage in the United States after water, is simply a daily delight.


But what about the other benefits we may not even be aware of?


The key is in the dose.


Low to moderate amounts of coffee, which include 1-2 cups per day or 50-300 mg, have been shown to increase not only alertness and the ability to concentrate, but overall creativity as well. For the writers, painters and poets of the world, the morning hours with a coffee in hand is often the common time of day when new ideas and inspiration flow through.


However, in larger doses (or even in smaller doses for those who are highly sensitive to stimulants), coffee may have negative effects including increased anxiety, increased heart rate and insomnia.


As a result of rutaecarpine’s demonstrated ability to breakdown and clear caffeine from the system, this is tremendous news for coffee drinkers who want to experience the energetic kick and comfort that comes with caffeine, without the downfall effects that leave us tossing and turning all night long.


Three Additional Health Conditions Showing Phenomenal Results



Research has demonstrated that rutaecarpine may help to alleviate chest discomfort, specifically angina, associated with coronary artery disease through the relaxation of vascular muscles.



Now referred to as a chronic inflammatory disease, rutaecarpine has demonstrated strong anti-inflammatory properties, with potential use as an anti-atherosclerosis agent due to these properties.



Studies have demonstrated that rutaecarpine may help to reduce cancerous cells, inhibit the migration of tumors, and induce normal cellular processes. This has been studied in relation to a variety of tumor types, including those found in colorectal, prostate, breast, gastric, thyroid and liver cancer.


CLICK HERE to review the incredible results reported in a study pertaining to rutaecarpine and cardiovascular disease.


CLICK HERE to review the incredible results reported in a study pertaining to rutaecarpine and cancer (includes photos of tumors which were greatly reduced in size after the administration of rutaecarpine – Note: Photos may be graphic and sensitive to some).


With Dr Zelenko being on the forefront of research during the creation of his premium line of Z-products, this is one of the reasons why he included rutaecarpine in Z-Night™, an all-natural, non-pharmaceutical blend to support healthy sleep.



Because when it comes to supporting the body in both the healing of illness and the maintenance of good health, solid sleep is an absolute must.

Look after yourself.

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