2023 Annual Letter from Co-Founder Foster Coulson

2023 Annual Letter from Co-Founder Foster Coulson

Unveiling a Brighter Future:
The Three Ways We Are Building a Parallel Economy

 I reflect on 2023 with pride. My companies across the spectrum of this “parallel economy” are touching more people’s lives in a tangible way than any other out there today. From providing the news, helping people find connection, health, and wellness, to tomorrow’s cures; my group of companies are here to fight for our freedoms and a better, brighter tomorrow.

In the past, I have purposely stayed out of the media, granting few interviews. This is because I wanted the focus to be on my companies and not myself. I now recognize that it is time for this to change, it’s important that you know who I am, the type of person I am, in full transparency. When I was younger, I was bullied. A lot. I vowed during those low points that when I was older, when I was stronger, I would find the courage and have the mental fortitude to stand up to them. But more so, I vowed to myself that I would stand up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. This is why I stepped up with my companies during the East Palestine train derailment and offered free medical care, or when the devastating Hawaii fires engulfed Maui, my teams and I worked around the clock to deliver aid and hydration.

Being a successful entrepreneur before 2020, I didn’t need to take this risk. I am choosing to put a giant target on my back to help people everywhere who value freedom and building a better tomorrow for our children. I fully believe we are born twice in life: once when we are physically brought into the world by God, and the other when we find our purpose in it. Mine is clear, I am dedicating my life and my companies to the pursuit of helping others in a real and tangible way.

So what does this mean, “to create a parallel economy”?  For me, it’s focusing on not one, but three key pillars.


1) Health & Wellness

Who has felt like the medical system has failed them, over prescribed them, or flat-out lied to them? Do you legitimately trust just “any” doctor anymore? Do you trust you can get lifesaving drugs if you need them? Do you trust your natural supplements and products aren’t full of chemicals and pesticides? Or, do you like funding Big Pharma’s piggy bank, who use their profits from selling their addictive products to live lavish lifestyles? We’ve been kept in the perpetual state of sickness so that others may profit - and it’s time we break free.

My flagship company, The Wellness Company, is the only company existing today that has created the scale to physically build a parallel Health Care / Well Care system, replacing the one that failed us all. But it goes one step further. TWC is also helping fuel the conservative freedom movement, a fact that I am EXTREMELY proud of. TWC has become the largest advertiser on most conservative media outlets and news sites, supporting free speech at a scale like no other. This is important as most were de-monetized by Facebook, Google and other Big Tech and have struggled to keep their doors open. TWC has provided tens of millions of dollars of wages and commissions to hundreds of affiliates, conservative influencers, and most importantly doctors, many of whom lost their income streams since 2020 for standing up for what was right. Most importantly, it’s helping hundreds of thousands of people heal and live their lives as the healthiest version of themselves. There is not another single entity out there today re-investing as heavily, at the scale TWC is and expanding and growing as fast as TWC to build the parallel health care system.

We reinvest every penny, and by enjoying TWC’s products and services, by being a member, you are helping fuel this movement on every level. We cannot do this without you. WWW.TWC.HEALTH

It doesn’t stop there.

I founded Zelenko Labs with my dear friend Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who was a pioneer, a True Hero. His Zelenko protocol and his immune supplements helped millions of people stay healthy during the pandemic. Sadly, after Zev’s passing, his products have been knocked off and copied by the very people who used to support him, they did this to line their own pockets and it’s tragic. It’s a shame because do you know what Zelenko Labs does with its profits? It reinvests them into start up biotech companies who private equity and big pharmaceutical companies won’t touch because of their potential positive impact. Zev left me a road map for the cures he wanted the world to have. Supporting Zelenko Labs is helping fund tomorrow’s innovations. WWW.ZSTACKLIFE.COM

This leads to QU. I am a large shareholder in a company called QU Biologics. When Zev was in Hungary getting his immune oncology cancer treatments, which was the most cutting-edge treatment facility in the world, led by the world’s leading immune oncologist. He told Zev about a company called QU that is going to change the world. This is because QU has pioneered and uncovered an immunological pathway, without Pharmaceuticals, to treat disease and cancers. It’s the future and it will change everything.

I am also a shareholder in Nanobiosym. They are another amazing startup and the only company in the world who are developing an innovative at-home diagnostic testing system. This will revolutionize virtual at-home care.

2) Connection & Community

How many people feel alone right now? How do you find one another in today’s world when one’s values and their choices are more important then ever. Love is something we all deserve to have - and yet - I believe is harder than ever to find.

When I learned Shelby was trying to build a company called UnJected, a connection platform for like-minded people, I choose to get involved in a significant way and provide the funding and team because I saw that no other connection sites or communities were being built like UnJected with scale.

Society has tried to make the notion of having an “unvaccinated dating site” sound dirty. But tell me this, who else is taking the time and care to create a safe place to try and find connection and love for those who made the same health decisions? There was and still is nowhere else with the scale and vast user base that UnJected has. Today we are helping so many find love and happiness. We have already had multiple UnJected weddings! But it goes further: there is not another connection platform today as secure with your data and personal information as UnJected.

Love is one of the most powerful things in the world and UnJected is helping hundreds of thousands of people find it: WWW.UNJECTED.COM 

3) Communication & Free Speech

We are awake to the manipulation and narrative controls the press and media have been pushing on us. Many are putting their “Free Speech platforms” behind paywalls, but is that actually free speech? Should you have to pay for the news? And are these “free speech companies” caving to the censors at Big Tech? Who owns them? We recognize their faces, but in fact, most are owned by investor groups, banks, private equity, or governments: the very people who engage in 5th generation warfare…

I remember watching the news with my wife, they were playing video clips of a “current” story. But, I’d seen the clips before… they were a year old and related to something entirely different. This was the moment where I lost trust that what I was watching wasn’t even real: it’s fabricated for propaganda.

I founded Vigilant News Network (VNN) as a free and open network to bring people the latest unmanipulated stories and have partnered with amazing truth telling outlets such as The Gateway Pundit. We will not compromise our integrity for anyone or anything. VNN is not funded by investors with outside interests. I am solely funding it from my businesses’ and are welcoming other conservative advertisers – and will continue to do so. I want to tell the stories the mainstream media hides.

This is the truth you deserve and VNN will always bring you stories based on facts and truth. WWW.VIGILANTNEWS.COM

It is time we come together. It’s time we move out of the fear-mongering used to control us, and into the light, the love, and the future. Can you feel the momentum we are building, the shift in the world taking place? It IS happening. The people standing beside me are giants in their fields with unmatched credibility and courage; we are united, unbreakable. This new world is built on the brave and the courageous, who will never compromise their integrity and who lead by example in doing the right thing.

I commit to transparency and earning your support and trust each day, as we together build amazing companies, guided by amazing, like-minded individuals, to make a dent in this world.

am not for sale. My companies are not for sale. We are just getting started.

Join us in building a better future.



P.S. – To the bullies out there:

Attack me with everything you have. People see right through your slander, lies, and concocted conspiracies backed by zero proof. I will continue to persevere as a fully independent entrepreneur with nothing to hide that wants to make the world a better place. Know this: I empathize with you. You are in a dark place in your lives, you feel the need to make up horrible lies to discredit myself and those I work with. Hate is toxic. When you block me and then publish nasty things about me, my companies, and my partners, it's because of your jealousy, envy, and anger at the world. Sadly, you are harming yourself and the people who you claim to want to help. It motivates me to be better and push harder to make a difference in this world.

I hope in 2024 you can find some peace and positivity in your world and join us in this new future.


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